18 Apps to Plan Your Destination Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

There is so much to keep track of when planning for a big event, where do you even start?! At Famarry, we talk to many couples and help them plan their dream pre wedding photo shoot from finding a photographer to selecting the right package. And planning is no easy feat, we can attest to that, but here are 18 apps that can help you plan your destination photo shoot!

For keeping track of purchases

Just Married! — Photo by RANMARU STYLE

Just Married! — Photo by RANMARU STYLE

We always recommend couples start with their budget. Determine your budget before you start planning to keep costs within a range you are comfortable with. And after you have determined your budget, keep a tracker to make sure you are keeping to it. 

1. Mint — For iOS & Android

This popular and free finance app has been helped millions of people to manage their spending. Mint.com helps you manage and track your money with simple categories and an easy to use interface. 

2. GoodBudget — For iOS & Android

Easily categorize and track your spending with Goodbudget. Goodbudget.com allows users to create categories and budgets for each category to easily track spending.   

3. Dollarbird — For iOS & Android

Track your expenses on a calendar for visual clarification. You can track past or future expenses on Dollarbird.co  

For booking your ticket

Don't forget to plan in relax time! — Photo by EARTH COLORS

Don't forget to plan in relax time! — Photo by EARTH COLORS

With so many airlines and options, it can be difficult to search for cheap flights. Especially if your destination is far away or in a popular location, getting tickets within your budget can be a challenge - but it isn't impossible!

4. Hopper — For iOS & Android

The Hopper app allows users to search for and book the cheapest tickets as well as receive notifications for when their tickets become cheaper.  

5. Skyscanner — For iOS & Android

Starting with their skyscanner.com website, this company have also ventured into the app market for iOS and Android. A meta search site that shows the cheapest tickets available, Skyscanner has helped millions of users to date. 

6. Kayak — Website

Kayak.com, similar to the aforementioned apps, helps users to find the cheapest flights, hotels and car rentals across many destinations. 

For organizing your schedule

Couple pre wedding shoot in Japan — Photo by 8StarWedding

Couple pre wedding shoot in Japan — Photo by 8StarWedding

Having an app that keeps track of your dates and itineraries is helpful, especially when you're on the go or abroad. 

7. Google Trips — For iOS & Android

The Google Trips app keeps all your travel info in one place, from tickets to accommodation. The app will even help you plan your logistics and routes to get to each place you need to go. 

8. TripIt — For iOS & Android

Create your travel itinerary in minutes with Trip It. You can also get updates regarding your flights and even store the scan codes for flights. 

9. Travefy — For iOS & Android

Made for groups of travelers, Travefy lets people collaborate and create itineraries together. You can keep everything in one place, and even chat about your trip in the Travefy app. 

For communicating

In Hawaii... — Photo by Ryujin Hawaii

Relaxing in Hawaii — Photo by Ryujin Hawaii

If you are traveling abroad, you may have difficulty speaking with the locals, staff, or worse - your photographer! Having translation apps or an interpreter on hand will help you a lot when getting around. 

10. Google Translate — For iOS & Android

A feature of Google that started on their website and has now moved to the app market. Google Translate works well with pictures and voice for on the spot translations. The app also works offline and is supported in many languages. 

11. WayGo — For iOS & Android

Providing support mainly for Asian languages, WayGo translates the text of anything your phone can capture. Helpful for signs or messages, WayGo provides accurate translations for text. 

12. SayHi Translate — For iOS & Android

SayHi Translate supports over 40 languages and works offline. Primarily for translating spoken words, this app is perfect for tourists trying to ask questions or talking to locals. 

For getting around

Photo in France — Photo by KAZUMIART Photography

Photo in France — Photo by KAZUMIART Photography

Getting around can be hard if you're away from home. Luckily there are many apps to help with logistics and getting to/from any location. 

13. Citymapper — For iOS & Android

Providing many different modes of transportation, Citymapper shows real-time departures, maps, even giving disruption notifications. The app supports many cities and is always expanding. 

14. Google Maps — For iOS & Android

Helping you find the fastest route from A to B, Google Maps supports many cities across the world. You can also choose different modes of transportation and many other features.  

15. Waze — For iOS & Android

Mainly for driving, Waze provides user-generated real-time traffic information for other drivers. A great way to plan your route to avoid traffic and save gas. 

For the fun stuff
Couple enjoying Spain — Photo by La Cristina Fotografia

Couple enjoying Spain — Photo by La Cristina Fotografia

16. Time Out — For iOS & Android

Check out fun things to do in any city. Time Out features recommended places by users for users. They have many cities listed on their site and are constantly growing. 

17. Trip Advisor — For iOS & Android

See reviews from real users on various places from tourist spots to hotels on Trip Advisor. See top recommended spots per area and see what other people are saying!

18. Gogobot — For iOS & Android

Gogobot (Trip.com) is a city guide to discover the best places to eat, stay and play in your area. See user reviews from different cities around the world. 

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