Tatiana Kiselevaが撮影した「アメリカ ニューヨーク」の写真

Tatiana Kiselevaが撮影した「アメリカ ニューヨーク」のウェディングフォト

この写真は、ウェディングフォト(結婚写真)のアルバム「アメリカ ニューヨーク」の中の1枚です。
ニューヨークなどがキーワードの結婚写真を探すなら、「アメリカ ニューヨーク」の他の写真も詳しく見てみるのがおすすめです!

まとめてウェディングフォトを見ると、Tatiana Kiselevaがどんな印象の結婚写真を撮るフォトグラファー(スタジオ)なのかもよく分かります。
Tatiana Kiselevaのように、素敵なウェディングフォトを撮影する国内外の腕の良いフォトグラファーやスタジオが、ファマリーには数多く登録しています。


Tatiana Kiseleva

Tatiana Kiseleva




Tatiana Kiselevaについて


I'm Tatiana and I love taking photos of people.

I was born in Tobosk, Siberia in Russia. I graduated with an MCom from Russsia’s Tyumen State University in 2010. In 2012, I moved to New York, residing in Queens, where I still live currently. After moving to the United States, I’ve worked as a magazine photo editor and as a freelance photographer, both in New York City.

When I'm not capturing the special moments of other people's lives on film, I try to take pictures of the beauty of day to day life, and share them on my Instagram.

Wedding photographer with personal approach and love for creative storytelling.Based out of New York City. I really love photographing people, and I try to do my best to immortalize important and happy moments. I value the ability to express my vision, while meeting the needs and preferences of my clients. I believe in synergy--when both sides are on the same page, something really special can come out of a shoot. I love meeting people with various backgrounds and occupations. My customers inspire me a lot. I often meet camera-shy people, and I love seeing how they can open up and feel comfortable after a while; it's an enjoyable process. This career also allows me to create my own schedule and work in a comfortable pace when I edit.

Tatiana Kiselevaは、こんなウェディングフォトを撮影しています