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ウェディングフォトグラファー(スタジオ)・ Ruxat Photographyが撮影した結婚写真一覧です。
結婚式, 写真撮影, 白黒などのキーワードがつけられている写真が55枚あります。

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Ruxat Photography




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Vietnam-based wedding photographer & destination worldwide

My passion is photography and I love to tell stories through my camera. Every wedding, my mission is to tell your story in a personal and unique way, letting things flow naturally. I don't think success is based only on capturing a few nice pictures but in getting the images that tell your story and for you to look at these with great fondness throughout the years. If you are interested in having the highest quality wedding photos, I could tell yours and make a significant contribution to the story of your life. To do so would be a great honor for me.