Spring Maternity Photo Shoot

With a sudden change in their photo shoot plans, expecting parents Yuri and Kohei decided to arrange a maternity photo shoot. With the use of cute props and outfit changes, you can really feel the love and excitement this couple holds for their future child!

What made you decide to have a photo shoot?

Couple and baby shoes — Photo by Takano Kazuki

We originally wanted to get our pre wedding photos done in Hawaii but upon discovery of our little bundle of joy we decided to put the trip on hold so we can all go together as a family. However, we still really wanted to take some photos so asked our photographer to make it look as if we were taking a trip abroad.  

Was there a specific reason you chose your photographer, Kazuki Takano? 

I knew I wanted very comfortable, "at home" looking pictures. From looking at his portfolio on Famarry, it really seemed like he could take the kinds of pictures I wanted so I requested him!

Photographer Takano Kazuki

How did you hear about Famarry?

Couple maternity photo shoot in Japan — Photo by Takano Kazuki

I first came across the Famarry Instagram account and decided to follow them!  There were so many beautiful pictures and many brides have recommended their service so I thought I would check it out for myself. (*^^*)

To be honest, I was first a bit skeptical about reserving a photo shoot but they had a great campaign going on Instagram and the pictures were exactly like the kinds of pictures we wanted to take so I knew I had to sign up!

How did you prepare for your photo shoot?

First we reserved the photo shoot online via the Famarry website. We also bought things like a bouquet and boutonniere and of course, matching baby goods! We were especially looking forward to having a picture taken in our matching sneakers! 

We figured out the poses we wanted by searching through photos on Instagram for inspiration. Finally, we had our hair and makeup done by our friend who is a makeup artist. 

Cute baby goods for maternity photo shoot — Photo by Takano Kazuki
Family photo shoot in Japan— Photo by Takano Kazuki

How did you communicate with your photographer?

In the park — Photo by Takano Kazuki

I was so nervous from the get go! After seeing all the beautiful pictures on Famarry's site and Instagram, I was worried our photos wouldn't come out as wonderful as theirs. But our photographer, Kazuki Takano, made time for us to meet in person beforehand and we were able to discuss a lot, get used to each other, and plan out how the photo shoot would go. It was such a relief and my nervousness dissipated really quickly. 

The Photos

Spring photo shoot in their hometown! 

Our photographer found a nice park in our hometown and we were more than happy to take him up on his recommendation. We were a bit late for the sakura (cherry blossom) season but it was a good thing because there was a lot fewer people (haha). 

Smiling couple — Takano Kazuki

Around the park Smiling couple — Takano Kazuki

A secret snap of the lovers♡

Though they were a bit nervous at the start, their photographer was able to ease the two into natural poses and smiles

Happy materinity photo shoot in Japan — Photo by Kazuki Takano

Just Yuri 

Some maternity shots of the bride-to-be Yuri, her handmade flower crown stands out beautifully in the photos. 

Adorable bride to be — Photo by Takano Kazuki
Maternity photo shoot of bride to be — Photo by Takano Kazuki

A photo of the husband-to-be, Kohei

Wanting to save the memories, Kohei snapped a quick picture on his phone

Bride and groom  — Photo by Takano Kazuki

And the fun props they brought to their photo shoot♪

Though the props were originally intended for their photo shoot in Hawaii, the couple was so happy they were able to use them for this photo shoot as well. 

Bride and groom with sunglasses — Photo by Takano Kazuki
a hawaii like photo in Japan  — Photo by Takano Kazuki
Bride and groom selfie  — Photo by Takano Kazuki
adorable sunglasses  — Photo by Takano Kazuki

The couple also took photos in casual wear

Wearing custom made shirts branded with their names, the couple took some sweet photos with the cute baby goods they prepared for the photo shoot. 

We're really looking forward to bringing our baby to this same park for more pictures! This photo shoot and the future one with our child will make for some lovely memories. 

baby goods and toys — Photo by Kazuki Takano
baby goods and toys — Photo by Kazuki Takano

Bride Yuri's favorite shot:

A photo of the bride and groom having a friendly chat. The couple also added in their baby's name, Souta, and the date of the photo shoot as commemoration. 

"We definitely have to come back to take photos with our baby!"

A couple in the park maternity photo shoot in Japan — Photo by Kazuki Takano

Final thoughts and advice to future brides♪

Preparation may take time but I promise it is worth it! We all have daily obligations like work and chores and it's easy to just pass off things by saying "Ah, this is good enough" but I promise you will be much happier if you push yourself and put a lot of effort into preparing for your photo shoot!

Remember, pictures last forever so you shouldn't have to make any compromises or just accept whatever comes.

On that note, I just want to say that our photos turned out so great! It was such a great memory for us!

Behind the scenes movie

Thank you, Yuri and Kohei for allowing us to take some videos of your time with us! Check out some clips from their photo shoot here♪

Thank you, Yuri! Visit her Instagram: @yuuuri_0625


Takano Kazuki 

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