Luxury Photo Shoot In Marunouchi

Marunouchi is one of the most luxurious districts of Tokyo, with many high-end shops and restaurants in the area. For those looking for a luxury photo shoot, why not check out Marunouchi?
Luxury photo shoots have become more and more popular in recent years, and when it comes to high fashion and high-flyers, you can't go past Marunouchi. Known as one of the most luxurious areas in Tokyo, the district is dotted with high-end shops and fine dining restaurants. The lovely couple, Atsuko and Yuya, share their post-wedding photo shoot experience with us and give their advice to future couples.

Luxury Photo Shoot Marunouchi

Why did you decide to schedule a photo shoot?

I am in love with mermaid wedding dresses and was dying to wear one for my wedding day. However, the venue we chose didn't seem like it would match a mermaid-style and I had to choose a different one. So that was why we decided to have a photo shoot where I could wear my beloved mermaid wedding dress. 

What kind of photo shoot were you looking for? 

We had taken photos before this for our honeymoon at a beach resort. Having had that experience, this time we wanted something different. We wanted a more mature and luxurious photoshoot - and what better way to have it than in the city! 



How did you prepare for the shoot?

Our planning started 2 months before the photo shoot date! We made sure to reserve 2 months ahead of time in order to prepare for everything. First, we contacted the photographer to discuss the style and type of photo shoot we wanted. Then about 1 month before the shoot, we looked at places to rent my dress. About 2 weeks before the shoot, I made reservations for the bouquet and started my salon visits. I wanted to look my best so got my eyelashes and nails done, as well as some skin care facials. About 10 days before the shoot we had the last fitting for my rental dress and found matching accessories. A week before the photo shoot, we found a hair salon that would do my hair (I decided to do my own makeup). Then 2-3 days before the photo shoot we made all the confirmations with the photographer and talked about where we would meet, the schedule of the photo shoot, and various other things. Finally, the day before the shoot we picked up my dress and got all our props and other things prepared. 

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Is there any advice you would like to give to future couples?

I would definitely recommend just having a photo shoot in general! I would say you should try to trust your chosen photographer as they really do know what they're doing. Don't try and take control of everything - just go with the flow!

Photo shoot location
(Tokyo Station Area) Marunouchi, Tokyo
trickster photography

Photo Shoot Date: Feb 2, 2013

*Names have been changed to protect privacy

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