A Complete List of Must-Have Wedding Photos

You've spent a lot of time and money to prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime wedding. Yet, it's surprising how fast that special day can pass in just the blink of an eye! That's why you'll want a complete set of photos without missing a moment, making each precious memory last forever.

We've compiled a complete checklist to help you make sure you get snapshots of every important scene. We recommend liaising with your photographer, and letting them know exactly which scenes you want to memorialize forever.

Photos of all your wedding essentials

Flowers. Shoes. Centerpieces. What did they look like on your wedding day? Now, you'll never forget.

Shoes and Flower Bouquet from the Wedding Dayphoto by Yuki Shimada Photography

Remember those butterflies in your stomach?

Your hair, makeup, and dress preparations before the big ceremony. You can look back on those jittery moments fondly. 

Photo of Pre-Ceremony Preparationsphoto by 無添加写真堂

Going from one venue to the next.

You'll want to remember every moment: even ordinary moments like these.

Woman in traditional Japanese wedding dress in a carphoto by Alberto Orrú

The moment when you leave your parents' nest.

New beginnings can be beautiful, yet bittersweet.

Bride putting on her veil.photo by PIC WEDDING PHOTO(関口純一)

A passionate promise between two men

A new relationship is forged between families.

Groom shaking hands with new father-in-law.photo by 無添加写真堂

Step by Step. Thoughts of the past and future cross your mind.

All those thoughts racing through your head.

Bride being walked down the aisle by her father.photo by SEWAKI OFFICE

The ring bearer makes an appearance!

Everyone's eyes turn to the cute child walking down the aisle.

Flower girl walking down the aisle.photo by RINTARO UKON PHOTOGRAPHY 

Wedding Vows

One of the most memorable parts of the wedding ceremony.

Groom putting the ring on his bride.photo by SEWAKI OFFICE

Celebratory flower petals fill the air!

You'll definitely want photos of the happy moment when you two finally walk together as newlyweds.

Flower petals showering the newlyweds walking down the aisle.photo by PIC WEDDING PHOTO(関口純一)

Celebratory flower petals fill the air! Part 2

Everyone is celebrating you and your new life-partner's marriage. An obviously must-have photo moment.

Flower petals showering the newlyweds outside the venue.photo by SORAIRO(吉川聖司)

Candid photos, enjoying the time of your life.

Candid moments like these are will bring those emotions flooding back in 10, 20, and 50 years' time.

Guest enjoying herself at a wedding reception. photo by ONESTYLE wedding photo (SAYA)

Spending time with your guests.

Who was there? What did they wear? What did you talk about?

Bride spending time with guests at wedding reception. photo by Ayako Photography

Let's capture everyone's emotions on film.

Everyone's facial expressions, full of happiness, love, and joy.

Wedding guests crowding around with cameras photo by RINTARO UKON PHOTOGRAPHY

Cake-time with everyone!

Who wouldn't want to remember their wedding cake? The key point is also getting your guests in the photo-- they're all here to share in your big day!

Couple cutting the cake, with guests watchingphoto by Ayako Photography

A solo shot for your beautiful cake.

Beautifully crafted, just for you and your partner.

Wedding cakephoto by MADoC(佐藤 リトル)

Kiss scene at the reception♡

Sharing a special moment while surrounded by loved ones.

Newlyweds kissing at the reception.photo by Ayako Photography

A favorite past time: The bouquet toss♪

Another essential snapshot from your wedding day~

Bouquet Tossphoto by NINA Primary Pictures (苅谷 直樹)

Bouquet Toss Part 2: A beautiful smile♪

Bride posing with bouquet.photo by 無添加写真堂

Bonds that last forever

Your best friend(s) sharing their wedding toast, and wishing you all the best on your new life journey.

Bride hugging her maid of honor at the reception.photo by PIC WEDDING PHOTO(三村正人)

Bonds that last forever: Part 2

Bouquet being presented to the other familyphoto by SORAIRO(吉川聖司)

Balloons in the air, filled with helium and dreams!

Any quirky events or features happening at your reception? Make sure you get that on camera.

Balloons at the pool being flown upphoto by uruphoto

Remember those special moments.

Like the protagonist of your own fantastical storybook.

Newlyweds posing with the bandphoto by Masuda Hiroshi photography(増田 ひろし)

The ambience in each photo changes drastically based on how the photo is taken.
Your wedding day will be filled with beautiful memories in the ceremony and reception.
The photographer's sense and skill are an important factor in whether you get those special shots or not.

You prepared long and hard for this special day,
and will want to remember everyone's emotions, the venue's ambience, and all the wonderful moments.
We'd like to help you find a photographer that's perfect for the job.

Make your dream photo shot a reality.
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100,000 円 (税別)
撮影時間 : 500 分
お渡しデータ枚数 : 600 枚以上
このカメラマンの出張撮影エリア : 日本 東京都
139,800 円 (税別)
撮影時間 : 420 分
お渡しデータ枚数 : 700 枚以上
このカメラマンの出張撮影エリア : 日本 東京都/神奈川県/埼玉県
110,000 円 (税別)
撮影時間 : 420 分
お渡しデータ枚数 : 800 枚以上
このカメラマンの出張撮影エリア : 日本 千葉県/東京都